Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr Mahatir bring up the curve bridge again

Posted: Tue May 22, 2009 12:57 pm Post subject: Dr Mahatir bring up the curve bridge again


Dr M. say Johor want the curve bridge to replace the causeway. Abdullah no more the Prime Minister and Najib dare not oppose him. Now he want to bring on the fight over the curve bridge.

Dr. M is right, Malaysia is a sovereigned country, builting anything within their border need no permission of Singapore. it is true, they can built whatever they like and no need to consult Singapore.

On the other hand, we Singapore should let them built the curve bridge, when they going to finish, we can tear down the other half of our bridge and all the vehicles travel by Tua 2nd link. This will let Malaysia spent billions on the "uncompleted" bridge.

If Malaysia complain, we will say Singapore also has our own "Sovereignty" and we can tear down anything within our border, no need to consult and ask for permission from others.

It is like the Iran whose built the Nuclear facility, when it nearly complete, will Israel and US bomb it? I doubt Iran can spent how many billions to built second, third forth Nuclear facility.

Singapore and Malaysia both side must agree on issue related to both countries, any country take their own way to do their part will not work. If Malaysia ignore our concern, they will pay for it. Now water is no more a strategy threat to Singapore, we will not compromise any issues strategic disadvantage to us.

The malaysia ex pm didnt built the crooked brdige because its only built by crooked people. Dr.M you all should or have already read SIR GEORGE SORO letter to Dr.M,he is a great man,Sir George well done ,you are great man.This bridge probably is very important to Dr.M base on Sir George comments.
actually hor good ideal...but must also consider other important factors like our water line etc. of cos after the water contract finished daz no more an issue. until then keeping our half of the bridge is necessary apart from the legal point of view. maybe we can just apply new paint and hv the same day open ceremony as their half of the new bridge of cos charging the same high toll fees like them too...
Let them build lah, this project has been on and off for so long already. I think PSA already has a counter plan liao.

Let msia garment channel important funds away.
Well Leekapore will let them build one as our govt is like a mouse when facing foreigners.
Old man already quite afraid of them. Then Ah Long is worse having no firm idea of what to do.
When the bridge is on the table of negotiation again in the future, Lao Zhang might be whopping his legs liao and say yes.
We will not worry about the JB 2 seaports, even the strait is opened, they will not match even fraction of PSA. During this economic crisis, it already show who can tahan (hold on) the longest. But we feel buai siong (unhappy), why should we be the one threaten?

When the causeway is tear down someone already breaching the contract, why should we Singapore still honour the contract? When there is no more causeway JB will suffer more than Singapore, Singapore will be able to save our reserve (no Singaporean travel to JB to spend). See who can tahan longer.
Don't expect Dr M to age and fade gracefully away. Being the keen competitor that he is, he will always try to outlive and outdo his Southern Neighbour. He will want to stay relevant and remain in the limelight. And I think no one can read him better than the former Australian PM Mr Paul Keating.
crooked people with crooked brain will think crooked ideas
How it come when Malaysia also tear down the other half of the 2nd link from their side......Singaporean can go no where

and how about if they also demollised the water pipeline from their side .......sinaporean will no water lah rediculised you are...
Right, when the water is being cut off so as the railway.

According to 1962 contract with the British, the Malaysia government will take the land and railway station after the independent. But the land has to be used as railway purpose, any alteration of the use of the land will mean the land have to return to the Singapore government.

So if the railway is being cut off by malaysia government the land stretch from Tg Pagar to Woodland will belong to Singapore government. If not they have to left it there as a historical site (cannot tear down the railway for other development).

Importantly the causeway is demolished by Malaysia, so they dont have any right to find fault with us.
That is right. But I would not be too sure whether M'sia will honor that agreement.

Based on that agreement (any Spore land not utilised for railway purposes will be returned to Spore), the abandoned western line (another branch out from Keppel), the KTM land that used to run to Jurong should have been returned to Spore. But it is not.
Like that good mah, Singapore no need to travel to JB so frequently liao, so we can save money mah. Food no need to worry, my friend, we have money can buy from indonesia, thailand even brazil and USA. The most spend abit more only mah.

Water now even nothing to afraid, we can drink our own urine you see, water can be reuse and recycle. Built more resalinated plant, newater plant, more reservior can fulfil our need one
If the bridge issue causes inconvenience to all the people who come across the causeway to work in singapore, the government (in view of their silence hence implicit support of this issue) is potentially looking at losing all those voters, those of their extended family, and people they influence to vote against the govt.

If the govt think they can afford such a gamble, they can jolly well try
He wanted to help UMNO to win the recent elections but failed. Najib
has an excuse now not to listen to him. Let us watch what tricks (i am sure plenty but outdated) he can come up with.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mahathir on Crisis in Perak

Perak a lesson not to be too hasty says Dr M
By Lee Wei Lian
PUTRAJAYA, May 6 – Malaysia’s former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad today alluded that the constitutional crisis that arose from the political crisis in Perak could have been avoided had Barisan Nasional (BN) not been so hasty to take over the state.

Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister noted during a question-and-answer session after delivering a lecture at the Perdana Leadership Foundation that provisions in the Constitution were being tested due to the power grab in Perak and that the current situation was a lesson for all.

“Everyone should stick to the law, otherwise this country will be chaotic ... learn a lesson from Perak, never breach the provisions of the law, especially those of the Constitution,” Dr Mahathir said.

When asked during a press conference afterward to elaborate on what he meant by “a lesson”, he replied: “People should not rush to do things. Things must be properly considered as if you are in a hurry, we always make mistakes.

“It looks like Barisan Nasional were a little bit hasty. Maybe they were doing the right thing but it was hasty,” he said referring to the fact that BN did not wait till a sitting of the state assembly to table a motion of no confidence in order to oust then Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin.

According to Dr Mahathir, his understanding is that according to the constitution, the rulers do not have the power to remove a mentri besar and the only way to do so would be via a vote of no confidence.

BN had instead requested that the Sultan of Perak swear in Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir as mentri besar, which the ruler did on February 6. The ruler had also asked Nizar to resign but the latter did not comply.

This set the stage for a tussle between BN and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) over who is the legitimate government during which concerns were raised over whether the Sultan had acted outside his powers as described in the state constitution to ask for Nizar’s resignation.

The courts also appear to have ignore the constitutional separation between the judiciary and the legislatire when it overturned the suspension of Zambry and his six executive councillors by the state legislature’s rights and privileges committee.

Dr M said Press practises self-censorship

Dr M mocks local press for self-censorship

By Adib Zalkapli
KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad appeared to take a swipe at the local mainstream media for practising self-censorship, even during his time as prime minister.

The former prime minister said he had never issued directives to local editors.

"But they have the ability to gauge what the leadership wants," said Dr Mahathir to a gathering of bloggers here this evening.

He said that the mainstream press was full of praise for him when he was the prime minister.

"Sometimes they were wrong," he said.

He also alleged that such censorship became worse after he stepped down in late 2003.

"But this time it was more interesting because there was a supremo," said Dr Mahathir, referring to former New Straits Times group editor-in-chief Datuk Kalimullah Hassan whom he claimed was responsible in the censorship practice.

He alleged that the fifth prime minister Tun Abdullah Badawi was determined to erase his legacy.

Dr Mahathir claimed that as the prime minister he did not impose censorship on his predecessors.

"I never stopped Tunku Abdul Rahman from writing or stop Tun Hussein from saying what he wanted to say," he said.

He added that he had to resort to blogging last year after he was blacked out by the mainstream press.

"When I was cut off, I had to look elsewhere, somebody told me to look at blogging," he said.

Dr Mahathir said he initially hesitated because of the tedious process of reading and replying to the comments.

But he now considered his blog launched in May last a year a success after getting 19 million visitors a year later.

He hoped that the bloggers would introduce a code of ethics as an effort to encourage bloggers to publish only facts.

"Bloggers must have a sense of responsibility," he told reporters at a press conference later.

On the mainstream press, Dr Mahathir said they need to publish the truth in order to restore their credibility.

"I have to confess I have stopped reading the Straits Times," he said when asked which is his preferred mainstream newspaper.