Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mahathir attacks Singapore's LKY in his website

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
on June 15, 2009 3:10 PM

1. Ancient China considered itself the centre of the world and called itself
the Middle Kingdom. And well it should. It was far more advanced in every
way than Europe of the Dark Ages. Maybe China is thinking of making a

2. But we already have a new Middle Kingdom now. During Lee Kuan Yew's triumphant visit to Malaysia he made it known to the Malaysian supplicants that Singapore regards the lands within 6000 miles radius of Singapore as its hinterland. This includes Beijing and Tokyo and of course Malaysia.

3. Of course this self-deluding perception places Singapore at the centre of a vast region. It is therefore the latter day Middle Kingdom. The rest are peripheral and are there to serve the interest of this somewhat tiny Middle Kingdom.

4. Kuan Yew also explained that the fear Singapore Chinese would control Iskandar whatever is not justified. Malays can also work there. It is good to know that Malays can also work in their own country. I wonder as what? Maybe someone should make a study of the Malays of Singapore just to know what it is like to be a Malay minority in their own country.

5. As for the 3 sen per 1000 gallons of raw water supplied to Singapore Lee says it was absurd for the former Prime Minister of hinterland Malaysia to ask to increase it to RM8 per 1000 gallons. I don't know where he got this. Some Malaysian officers did suggest this figure but we were ready to bargain and maybe settle for RM3. And why not? Johore sells raw water to Melaka for 30 sen, 1000% higher than to Singapore. And Melaka is, I believe, a part of Malaysia! Some Malaysians may see the irony of this.

6. The great 5th Prime Minister has decided that since the people of Johore did not want to sell sand to Singapore, Malaysia would not build any bridge, straight or crooked, or negotiate and settle the other issues like the Central Provident Fund, the Railway land. Maybe the 5th Prime Minister thinks he is punishing Singapore. Actually he is giving Singapore what its wants including the 3 sen per 1000 gallons water until 2061. Think of how many grains of nasi lemak we can buy with 3 sen in 2061. Imagine what 1000 gallons will earn for Singapore at that time. Can't think of a more astute PM for Malaysia.

7. All those who met the great man from the little country were lectured on how Malaysia should be run. We should not have anymore problems now. We have been told the direction to take. MCA must help UMNO to win because Singapore does not want an Islamic Party like PAS to win. We must ensure this. Sorry PAS. Working with the DAP, the offspring of PAP has not endeared you to Mr Lee.

8. I have a lot more to say about this little Emperor but I will reserve it
for later.


  1. Jangan risau, Dr. Risaukan kesihatan Tun dan
    Dr. Siti Hasmah lebih baik. Kalau boleh, pergilah kedua-dua doktor ini ke Universiti Malaya yang lama di Singapura. Boleh saya datang bersama? A Happy Belated Selamat Hari
    Raya to both you!! Sam K.

  2. Hi, saya lagi. Saya lupa beritahu doktor ada ramai warga Singapura adalah sebenarnya rakyat
    Malaysia juga. Kalau bukan begitu kenapa tidak
    hentikan bekalan air dan biarlah mereka mati begitu sahaja! Joking onlylah. So don't forget to bring me along bersiar-siar di Universiti Malaya di Singapura, ya? K.T SAM.

  3. Banyak nak baca. Masih tunggu. Oh, Singapura
    dah overpopulated. Tunggu sahaja masa... Jadi,
    ramai pelajar-pelajar mestinya tunggu ketibaan
    Dr dan isteri. LKY tak bagi? Mustahil! Your
    speech is important, Dr, to settle our problems. No point cakap ke sini. A live speech mestinya dihargai oleh rakan-rakan universiti oleh... mustahil tidak bagi...sila
    Dr prepare your speech well for the time to come. Satu ciptaan sejarah yang penting. Please don't leave me out ikut bersama.

  4. Selamat Petang, Dr. Saya ingin mengucapkan kepada Middle Kingdom, the real Middle Kingdom
    I mean Selamat Hari Jadinya yang ke 60 dalam pegetahuan Dr. Saya membuat demikian kerana tersampainya saya mesti membuat begitu apabila
    saya dan rakan-rakan saya terutamanya daripada
    kelas 5A3 77', SMJK Sri Aman dapat menontonn perayaannya. Nak tahu siapa saya harap boleh
    jadi PM yang akan datang? No other than your daughter, MARINA MAHATHIR! Kami boleh membantu
    Marina membawa suatu kerajaan perpaduan. Meanwhile, saya masih tunggu for your speech.....
    Ia sungguh mengkagumkan, Dr.

  5. Dr Mahathir,
    My note was about 'Hukum Allah' was lost away
    half way so I express it here briefly. Everyone
    is being brought up with a socialized 'mindset'(socialization) which relects our behavior and thinking. How we perceived the world is what is being 'put into' our mindsets since we are born. I am sure Dr Siti Hasmah knows about this. For e.g is it known that the Ouaran reading over the loud mike among residents of non-muslims is very tolerable? Only socialized people of muslim faiths can bear it. Thanks Allah for you not being a fanatic. Thank you.

  6. Not mature yet to comment of the MCA Election,
    but I suppose my email to the press and others
    can still apply to the present situation. We
    can help with open hearts!

  7. Please accept my good intentions of the suggestion about the friendly badminton match
    between PKR and UMNO. I just love the crowd
    excitement during the Thomas Cup tournament.
    Everyone feel so patriotic. If not, how can we
    solve the hatred between the two parties. It is
    only fair that the winner is decided by Heaven's will than the spread of 'coffee shop'
    talk. Dr Mahathir, do give it a serious consideration.

  8. Crazy, suddenly went and supported PAS former
    MB. I hope by doing so the Malays will come
    to face the Malays of 'the other side' towards
    an understanding mindset of each other. Well,
    can't I have some say? Didn't I done the paper
    on Islamic law in Malaysia? Really, pointing fingers really hurts.

  9. Dr Mahathir,
    So sad to know of all the scandals in your
    website. Especially the Singapore scandal which I stopped seeing it. It is terrible!
    It made me more communistic. Those poor
    women! They don't know what they are up
    themselves. The only solution is to upgrade moral which is to involve communism. My theory on COSOCA (communism, socialism and capitalism)can apply. Like I have said Chin Peng can help. What's the point of saying so much and yet still blame him for war crimes? He is already so elderly and until now with all these scandals and China as a world power this local breed is still not regarded as a probable savior to his country? I sure he won't diminish the Bahasa if he is home. Infact, he would encourage and enchance the richness of the language knowing the Malay people. That is what communism can do to an ethnic grouping. Therefore, Dr Mahathir, even
    if his expertise is not needed in the country,
    I am sure you can gain a meaningful friendship from him via cultural exchange such as language
    itself. Remember I ask you to speak a few words of Mandarin in your going to be glorified
    speech in Singapore? I am sure both of you can
    come up with something. If you do not want to
    get involved with him, then I have nothing to say.

  10. Decided to stop contributing already. Have
    problem with the current in the computor. So,
    Dr Mahathir, here I wish you all the luck you can get in the coming future and good health always. I remain, a helpful Malaysian always. Thanks for reading.

  11. While I was working in Singapore, I was slapped
    and punched for just landing a light paper file
    on the opponent's chest. I was later told to do an operation on my swollen face. Luckily,
    I didn't. If I went on with the operation as
    advised, I would have a scarred face. I mean,
    recalling this kind of reaction towards me, I
    just feel very uncomfortable when China gives them the pandas. Why do people in Singapore get so much fame for being able to be presented with the extincting animals. So much sacrifices have been given from us and
    it is very disheartening to know our kind intentions is not rewarded to us for being the ones who were always behind as what is of Singapore today. I think they are extincting themselves not of as pandas but as of diminishing survivors under an unpredictable
    future rule. If we want to make it worst,
    yes, please go ahead without the water agreement. However, by doing so, Malaysia
    would be more known as the meanest guy around
    adding the overpowering Islamic culture with
    ignorant compassion towards the non-muslims in
    the country. I can understand how you feel
    about Singapore nationalization being myself
    as brought up in Malaysian nationalization but
    I just wish Islam is not being potrayed as being so overbearing in mind without the sentiments of others with non-Islamic faiths.
    I know the sundden influence has something to
    do with intellectual understanding from the
    Middle-East, but a culture, for example, with
    Malay mixed with Chinese or Indian flavours
    is different from a pure, say an Arabia culture. So, the more Arabia we are, it is a
    difficult thing, but we are eventually going to be a diminishing Malaysian culture ourselves! To start, there must be certain limits for revealing dressing codes, especially for the non-muslims, so the muslims can begin to realize their strict comformity. This applies to non-muslim women from Singapore in Malaysian soil. Then, you can think of the rest. Here, I would like to thank PRM for giving me time off to write in Tun's website as I have been writing in their website. Before I end, yes, I would interfere and support the cutting of water supply to Singapore provided that Malaysia changes its
    Islamic image. If not, it would never work
    to suppress their control over us because
    nothing can beat a sympathized non-Islamic
    nation of the world bullied by a getting to be
    very Islamic nation. With apologies.

  12. Untuk sebuah ekonomi yang kukuh dan berkembang
    dengan pesat tanpa kehabisan kekayaan sumbernya
    dengan cepat ialah tiada yang lain lagi sebuah ekonomi bebas, iaitu sebuah pelabuhan strategik
    yang sibuk dan penting sekali pelacuran. Pelaburan perindustrian yang bertambah tidak akan berfaedah kalau tidak kedua-dua faktor di atas. Tiada kebebasan seks, iaitu suatu ciri
    utama untuk pembangunan pesat ekonomi tiada
    ada percapaian suatu ekonomi yang bermaanfaatkan. Misalnya, lebih wanita rela
    membantu negara dalam usaha keperluan dagangan
    ini, lebihlah kita dapat suatu ekonomi yang aktif dan maju. Inilah betul-betul
    yang boleh membawa kepada sebuah ekonomi yang menguntungkan dengan percapaian taraf yang tinggi. Kalaulah tidak setuju dengan pendapat
    saya, bolehlah bayang sebuah negara tanpa
    kebebasan aktiviti ini, mana boleh industri-
    industrinya berkembang dengan pesat dalam
    tempoh yang singkat sahaja? Jadi, kalau
    lebih ramai wanita yang tidak kisah profesion
    yang tertua ini, lebih baik untuk pendapatan
    ekonomilah. Tun, biarlah YB Anwar memberi
    apa-apa nasihat sahaja, ekonomi kita akan
    masih tunduk kepada kebebasan aktiviti ini kalau selama-lamanya kita perlu sebuah ekonomi yang terbuka. Tidak apa-apa kita boleh buat dalam tempoh yang panjang. Ia masih bergantung kepada betapa bebas kami dalam urusan kami di mata dunia. Kalau lebih rakyatnya berdosa, lebihnya ia menunjukkan
    suatu petunjuk yang biasa untuk sebuah ekonomi yang sedang pesat membangun sahaja. Dengan
    mengakhiri apa yang saya hendak nyatakan ialah kebebasan seks dan pertumbuhan suatu ekonomi
    yang berkembang pesat ada berkaitan antara sama lain. Tanpa kebebasan seks, lebih baik
    kita kebelakangan dalam kekayaan duit tetapi
    terkaya dengan perkembangan kebudayaan seni
    dan kemanusiaan. Yang mana kita hendaki? Maaf, kalau saya telah terkeluar dengan topik
    perkembangan ekonomi. Sekian.

  13. Kenapa seseorang boleh bermusuh? Kerana di dalam fikiran ada sesuatu yang tidak memihak
    kepada diri sendirinya. Mungkin orang yang ia bermusuh itu juga ada sesuatu yang tidak memihak kepadanya. Saya tidak suka bermusuh
    dengan orang tetapi apabila orang itu hendak
    bermusuh dengan saya, saya akan rasa tidak
    berselesa fikeran dengan kewujudan kehadirannya
    atau kesebutan tentangnya. Dan sesekisah kemusuhanan tidak akan diselesaikan begitu
    sahaja kalau ia menggangu fikiran antara sama
    lain orang yang sedang bermusuh. Kalau kebencian masih di dalam hati, macam mana minta
    pemaafaan dari sesiapa pihak? Kedua-dua pihak
    pun manusia juga. Dengan kata-kata ini, saya
    dengan penuh harapan, Tun dan YB Anwar akan
    cari penyelesaian untuk menghapuskan faktor-
    faktor kebencian yang menjadikan kedua-dua
    anda bermusuhan begitu dalam. Kalau, walaupun
    tidak semesti, boleh Tun bagi peluang lagi
    kepada YB Anwar memenuhi hasratnya (minta maaf)
    untuk menjadi PM? Mungkin dalam tempoh satu
    singkat masa dulu. Kerana, walaupun ia tidak
    dapat menjadi PM, "hayat yang lainnya akan
    membalas dendam" Ini sikit sebanyak dari ajaran agama Buddha. Kan krisis politik negara
    kita dikenali dengan kemusuhan yang berada oleh
    antara dua pemimpinpin yang terutama ini? Tun
    telah memegang kuasa begitu lama dan mustahil
    kalau ada apa-apa perkara kepentingan negara
    tidak dalam pengetahuan Tun. Kalau "anak-anak"
    Tun boleh menerima dan menyokong YB Anwar dan
    sebaliknya, inilah satu langkah pertama untuk
    percapaian ketenangan fikiran kepada sama diri
    sendiri. Biarpun adanya kerajaan perpaduan atau tidak "kejahitan persahabatan" itu mesti
    dilakui dulu. Ia suatu tugas yang sangat menyusahkan, tetapi dengan bantuan pembaca-
    pembaca mesej ini, saya harap dapat memberi
    suatu permulaan.....Sekian, Terima Kasih.

  14. Dr, I just wrote on "Chin Peng apology receiving mixed reactions..." and not being published and trying to recall what I have written to be published in your website. I said
    that....the negative mentality is due to lagging perception behind world trends of the Chinese dominance in the trade system and a fresh or logical reason is needed to be injected for the public mindset as a valid reason to change as I feel the "the public" is
    really not that unforgivable after all as for this reason is concerned. The existing government may be not be rejecting a fragile old man but someone like you, Dr still has an active mind. Speaking as someone who had experienced American-Chinese Friendship before China Open Door's policy is a success, it is
    best to promote sincere sino ties, that is to agree for him to step home on Malaysian soil. So that we need not be submissive to smaller
    counterparts but be able to gain not only
    American and Chinese, but Russian cheers! We
    can expand our space programs, enrich our culture and acheive assurance of our economic fate. I may or may be not trying to influence the negative mentality, but it is a fact that his presence will give a smooth flow of deals towards unity not only for the country but the world. Thus, bringing communism home is no more a threat (if not, apology and forgiveness is not on the papers) but an ingredient required to add in for better taste buds or as the fresh insulin to be injected for better control of the nation. Really, Dr.

  15. So sad to hear police kicking suspect in Beijing just now. Why is the author putting such image in the people's minds to explain
    his human rights policy? It sounded as if
    I have been talking rots. Please do not use
    China as a base for your human rights promotion. The scenario is better if you
    use the States, if you want to talk Human Rights. As in a well controlled society without vice, people will learn how to value fond cosideration and cooperation unless unwanted elements which do not help to promote
    such factors are indoctorinated in the some
    concerned persons. Thus, from here in Malaysia,
    you have the right to talk about Human Rights
    but please do not use Beijing, a centre which
    I would like to be preserved as a promotion
    of cultural understanding instead. Thanks!

  16. Before the day ends, as of today 27th of 2009,
    (at 4.25pm). I would like to wish you, Dr Mahathir and Family, as well as other mulims "Happy AdilAdha" and hope someday Muslims of all nations would undersatand the Mao philosophy better. Warsalem.

  17. Dear Dr,
    Looking back, coming from Sri Aman school, I would like to share with you a poem to me by
    my oldest Malay classmate, Halimahtun which
    I would like to dedicated it to you:


    S - Sampai diakhir tahun 1977 kita berpisah
    A - Aku sungguh berasa terharu
    M - Mungkinkah kita akan beretemu lagi?

    K - Kalau begitu.....dimana?
    W - Washington, New York atau
    E - England atau pun di K.L
    E - Engkau pasti aku kenang

    T - Tapi buat dirimu bagaimana?
    I - Inilah saja dapat ku tuliskan
    N - Now what should I say
    G - Goodbye, Good luck and
    Remember me.

    I want you to see how she could write so beautifully as a Malay friend to me, her Chinese classmate by just creating meanigful
    words from my name. From here, I wish to tell
    you we didn't know anything about politics but
    I am sure this sort of relationships was happening in all multi-racial schools. So, I
    don't understand why has UMNO detiorated with
    so much greed and hatred. Yes, I have blamed
    it on religion and Singapore, but Dr, don't you
    think it's true? Thus, I can only wish for the
    possibilty that Halimahtun will "take off" her
    tudung (sorry) and Singapore coming back to join the country (without much demands) during
    whoever is the ruling government someday. Presently, I feel the the coming home of
    Chin Peng should be solved for the sake of
    the Chinese community at home if not the world.
    Granting his right to come home may caused you
    a lot of dismay but it is the right move to
    gain Chinese support in whatever forms. Hoping
    that both of you can develop a friendship like
    Hahlimahtun and I, too. It should be more meanigful judging that both of you are veterans of Malaysian history with still active and experienced minds in the present scenario of the world. I know it is a forgiving
    business but it is also matter of heart, if not
    hearts to hearts in the formation of kind thoughts...Thank you.

  18. Thank you for your "support" in regard to
    Chin Peng's request home. It got to start somewhere and it could be from you.

  19. Dear YAB Dato'Sri Mohd Najib Tun RazaK, here's
    a gift for you via Dr Mahathir's website:


    A hope
    I would never give up
    Dreaming, Dreaming
    To be true
    That's Chin Peng's home

    A Christmas wish
    That's such a simple
    Gift to give
    With just
    A little nod

    Neither am I
    A Christian
    Neither am I
    A muslim

    I'm just
    An odinary citizen
    Like those that's me
    Who wants Malaysians
    With just
    A lttle nod

    Which brings
    A Christmas Joy
    A Christmas Wish
    To be shared
    By the people
    of all faiths

    If not
    A Christmas gift
    A remarkable auspicious
    Awal Muharam
    For Muslim brothers to
    So that Allah
    Will bless all
    Without any future
    Hatreds but
    A better tomorrow

    Sam kwee-ting

  20. The Story of
    My Shelter, my house

    I hear a voice
    That shouts
    Across the street
    That my house
    Will go and
    Even if it stays
    I will have
    To fear it goes
    To another -
    Even if
    I am made to move
    Away from
    My treasured shelter
    Of fond memories
    Of great hopes
    For tranquilities
    Coz of an ill
    Traffic hub
    Giving up
    My beloved sheter
    Is not my dream -
    I will carry on
    To preserve
    For my home
    Of the sentimentals -
    Please PKR
    If not BN
    Please help
    To preserve
    My beloved shelter
    For the favour
    Of my Family name
    Who still remain
    The anchorship of
    Of Kwangsi devotions
    With great thanks!

  21. Framed

    of animal desires
    are abhor
    in some categories

    of such groups
    of such acts
    of such demands
    of such specifications
    are of human nature

    instincts of human nature
    vary from
    animal nature
    so claimed

    Gay and lesbians
    may be discriminated
    homosexuals and heterosexuals
    a distinct differences

    it's true that
    The human sapiens
    are being steps ahead
    of the wilds

    But it's view
    to enjoy freedom
    it's okal
    to be in a dream world

    both intercourses
    its esistence
    must be classified for if
    such desires meant
    manners of
    the bad and good
    for the innocents
    of the future generations
    in a land of
    unavoidable framings

  22. Dr Mahathir,
    How are you? I read that Dr Siti Hasmah said you are not realizing your advancing age. Although you seemed to looking alright to me via the press. The letter I wrote you to be able to meet you is still valid. If you don't mind, I would like to meet you to discuss the likely topics other than The Taman Bahagia LRT Station as specified:

    1) Chin Peng's return, who is as elderly as you

    2) Your trip to the former University Malaya in
    Singapore. I don't mind taking the train
    with you and Dr Siti Hasmah to Tanjung Pagar
    train station.

    3) That the swapping of lands with Tanjung Pagar
    land is really no big deal as I feel this
    Malaysian land should be preserved in
    Singapore. This piece of land may even
    fetch higher prices later on than the three
    pieces of land combined offered by the
    Singapore Government as land is such
    scarcity in this tiny nation.

    4) If the land swapping is being carried on
    there must be a solution of Singapore's
    strong dominance in Malaysia. We are really
    sort of supporting a mistress as I had
    heard it during my younger days. With a
    market demand of 27 million or more to
    support an excluded population of only
    6 million or so. Infact we are supporting
    many mistresses (I won't like to comment
    on this) with our resources. It is going

    5) Will show you some latest photos of the
    seniors of Sri Amanians.

    6) As above, the extension lines of The Taman
    Bahagia LRT station.

    7) My relationship with PRM.

    I would be so glad to be given an appointment
    to meet you. Waiting for your reply. Thank you very much.

  23. Dr Mahathir,
    I have typed the letter to the High Commmision of Singapore in your website and it is lost. Hope it would appear on the screen someday. Thank you.

  24. Dear Dr Mahathir,
    So sad I was refused to be able to meet you. Anyway, is alright. The way I talked to people seemed different how I used to talk to to an individual as I guess I have been "spiritually raped" by the Prime Minister's liberal policies.
    I have been so sexually suspicious now. Sometimes I produced a sudden jerk while talking and the individual talking to me would be suspicious as well. I know this is going to bother me forever in my life. And what more I told my doctor I masturbated before without actually knowing the true meanings. I do admit I used to have this habit of playing by riding on a bamboo mat when I was a child but it has nothing to do with my present unnatural and suspicious behavior. As you know I don't have a mother by my side at a very young age due to a divorce. So, I was really very naive about sex until I attended biology classes. Anyway, when I became more knowledgeable about the matter, there was still no individual who could make me spoke suspiciously however dirty minded the individual was. Now, the PM, without even having any physical contact with me has made me speak with a "desirable heart". How am I going to face the world as an unmarried person? I have been learning very hard to control the "airs" in my body. I won't know I could be "normalized" eventually but there is always "celibacy" to think of, right?

    WATER = Dr Mahathir, I do not know how Singaporean you are, but if I am the PM, I won't give much face to them. I would use threatening words North Korea, US, China and Russia. Or even Indonesia. It is because we have became so Singaporean that we have to consider so long a detail how to deal water with them. Just 'shut off'! And no one could do that. If only I could. Yet, I have been made a victim of innocent victims of an innocent country. Do you know I have to bear with people pinching their noses at me for decades? However, now my nose really itches by itself a lot. So, I guess I have "normalized" the nose pinching business.
    Oh yes, I think you are as Singaporean as you are a Malay. So, is the PM. As both has educational ties with things Singapore during their younger days. I don't know about you but I know that the PM shared the same Student Association with the Singapore PM during their studying days in UK. Imagining the characters of such individuals from origins of similar regions, how not to keep a friendship strong? What you can do, Dr Mahathir is to ask the PM to bring back Chin Peng. So that, we may try asking China to help us make treated water ourselves. I heard the treated water in Singapore got their expertise from the Mainlanders. So, they can remain as prosperous and rich as well as be able to buy treated water from us instead of forever raw water. They should be happy to do so, too. Meanwhile, next year just try and maintain the low bill because knowing how the business mind works, not having a good bargain by paying so much will eventually
    cause more materialistic means in the end. And the good name of Malaysia will suffered more. HAPPY HARI RAYA HAJI (Sorry I can't remember the words I used to say). Thank you.

  25. Dear Dr Mahathir,
    I just reread the article of my suggestion that your daughter, Marina should be made the PM. Actually, it was one of my classmate's (Sri Aman 77') suggestion during a chait-chat. Her name is Vilasini. So, you should thank her for looking up upon Marina as her idol. And I said that without even knowing the political party I belong now. Now, I am thinking of a post myself in PRM. If Marina wishes to be the PM, I am sure other children of past PMs would be interested to carry on their fathers' legacies, too. Unless she or he proves prominent political characteristics of their fathers, I am ever willing to help to form a united government, if you or the rakyat want, soon. But you must be fair to your predecessors' children. To tell you
    frankly, China did ask me to be a PM. And I just said "Thank you" without knowing the consequences. I thought it was meant to be a joke. There is full potential for me to be a PM now. Only thing, I really have to seriously consider because people knew me as a simple minded person and still one now and I still bear symptoms of mental illness. So, from now on I will report to you on and off to study the situation. I have to go now. Thanks from my heart.

  26. Dr Mahathir,
    I have applied to join the party of someone you wouldn't want to hear. The party where YB Anwar Ibrahim belongs. I am joining the party with good intentions and I give full hopes it would be appreciated. I just feel YB Anwar needs help. Perhaps our dream of a united government could be realized after all. So, long live Dr Mahathir! And you hang on there for a moment, alright? Meanwhile, I give myself a bet that I would be able to finish my studies by middle of next year. Then, I can think of being really woken up. So much rubbish for the time being. Thanks for reading

  27. What is the point to write about being multicultural when it is only about the types of existence of the mindsets? It is bias in the sense that I am sure you write with intentions of promoting the Muslim faith. As you may lack depths in other religions. A Thai, a Burmese, an Indonesian all have Malay looks but they can be Buddhist devotees. Multiculturalism is actually more to religion. It is about skin color. What you can do about multiculturalism, Dr Mahathir is to promote the biological sciences instead, if you want to touch more on the subject. Comparing while I was in school (again), I now realized there is a different feeling when I meet an Indian or a Malay. I really feel different. During my time in school, being of any descendant one is from, one only feels naturalism deeply. Nothing was being mentioned often about how each individual SHOULD REACT accordingly with their 'race'. Like for example, a Malay should be wearing a 'tudung', an Indian must stand in between when comes to the matter of 'race' itself and a Chinese should think she is Chinese by wearing sleeveless clothings, showing their yellow skins. Maybe I should help set up a religion institution, so the Malaysian mind can have a learning center for religion, other than just the IIUM. Yes, I want to bring replicas of Buddhist scriptures and their prominent scholars to guide Muslim scholars. And I mean only sinninized Buddhism. Preferably from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Please give me permission to do this job. Thanking you in anticipation and it is a matter of time we could have a "religion revolution"! Thanks from the heart again.

  28. Dr Mahathir,

    Still waiting the reply for the following message:

    Dear JET LI,

    Me, Singapore
    Me, South Korea
    Me, Japan

    Me, China
    Me, Malaysia


    Me, Singapore
    Me, US
    Me, China

    North Korea?

    Please reply soon

    Me, Ouiting

    Today is Thanksgiving Day. I am no Christian but I thank God just the same for giving me the opportunity to write in your website and have the above message published while the two Koreas
    are at a tension stand. And I heard North Korea wouldn't have done what they have done if they were not being provoked. Same as the Jews of Israel. They wouldn't have attacked Palestine
    if they weren't being provoked. I don't really know the true story behind. Only based on what I have heard but Dr Mahathir, PROVOCATION is really the contributing factor to any arguementative issues. I hope you understand how hard it is to tolerate further when one is provoked. And I said this is because I hope YB Anwar would get back to your warmth someday. It "provokes me" to see you both of you provoking each other. I pray and be blessed for the unity of both of you. Amen.

  29. Selamat Pagi, Dr Mahathir,
    I attended The PKR Convention yesterday. All I can tell you is that Dr Wan Azizah loves her husband very very much. She said "....that is why I married him...". In front of the huge crowd, she spoke so profoundly of the physical and mental abuses and pain which her husband is still going through and I don't think any wife would have tolerated for so long. It had gained my true sympathy and love for a family that has to go to through the "unnecessary" hardships. Moreover, they are as religious as you are. There were a lot of attention given to the respect of Allah during the Convention. I hope Dr Siti Hasmah could listen to Dr Azizah and see how bad shape her heart is. After all, if this two woman doctors get along, it would certainly gained a lot of attention of the Malaysian people. Their past medical views could lead to beneficial health contributions of the country. Dr Mahathir, I ask for your humble response to the answer of Dr Wan Azizah's struggles for the sake a man that I feel is as warm as the doctor's heart. Thanking you on behalf of PKR. SAM KWEE TING.

  30. Dr Mahathir,
    Why are my comments about the Rojak and Cendol man disappeared just like that?.... Muslim Indians are invading Malaysia at the expense of Islamic faith... They may combine with Genting to rule the country. If not, please please exercise your powers to peacefully invite the Rojak and Cendol man to another location. It is is very mean to erase what I have been typing. How can I help to unite the country if my messages kept on being censored away? Invaders, thieves (internet tappers).... Roti Cenai, teh tarik are made to be important items in the increment prices of the National Budget and Muslim Indians restaurants mushroomed everywhere.... Genting Bus now dropping passengers side by side the Rojak and Cendol man. If combined, the land would be further commercialized.... what have you done behind my back....uncertained marital status....please do not make me move....give me back my traqulities...

  31. Dear Dr Mahathir
    This is the second time my message is being discarded away. It has to stop.... Muslim Indians are invading the country. Genting and Rojak and Cendol man would combine to commercialized further Tmn Bahagia the expense of Islamic faith...Please help me to invite the Rojak and Cendol man to peacefully relocate....

  32. Dr Mahathir,
    While you are away to India, I read your "Jewish message". It is hard to believe, but Malaysian Christians have great respect for the Jewish people. It is written in the Bible a lot more of these people and I can't tell you much as I always feel so decline in mood to analyse the God verses in this holy book. If Muslim scholars are given a chance to touch the book, say at IIUM and have it interpreted along the Quaran, perhaps that should make Malaysia a better Islamic moderator of the world. The problem is both religions cannot read each others' philosophies so as to be able to comprehend each others' struggles, so there is natural hatred created everytime a baby is born to either whether of the Christian or Muslim faiths. If I have been born a muslim, I would not be sitting here and writing that there is really nothing wrong in respecting the Jewish people as being advocated in the Bible because I should be preferring to speak out for the Gaza people and tell the world how terribly wicked the Jewish people are and why The Holocaust happened (facts I have to redig). The Rojak and Cendol Man creates in me a lot of hatreds and no one ever believes me that he is such a crafty person except my mother who is now suffering symptoms of stroke. Instead, the public think I am creating the hatred to drive their loving Rojak and Cendol Man away. If not, he wouldn't still be around and have the MRT extensions predicting to bring in more congestions to The Taman Bahagia LRT Station. So, Dr Mahathir, it is the same with the Palestine and Jewish people. Muslims believe their brothers deeply, especially after witnessing and feeling their bloodsheds but never care to enquire WHY and WHAT made them commit such cruelty knowing that it is such great sins to kill in the Bible. If it is for race glorifying purpose, why and what made them feel so? Don't the Muslims want to expand their faith, too if given the opportunity? Buddha, the prince from Nepal had his teachings expanded all over Asian and without any chaotic tensions. M E R R Y C H R I S M A S and A V E R Y H A P P Y NEW YEAR!!

  33. Dear Dr Mahathir,
    I managed to go through the "oily notes". That has got something to to with giving up our oil resources to the Sultan of Brunei to maintain Limbang. I know nothing of the Sultan of Brunei except that he is one of the richest man of the world and was saddened to hear that one of TV3's darling girl married him in 2006, bore him two children and got divorced recently. Why, why, why. Well, the Chinese has their darling girl Michelle Yeoh in the same boat before. Myself, might have ended up in the same boat, perhaps if not for my big flat nose and thick glasses. Thank God, I am now at a more elderly age already, eyes operated, and although still being teased over the nose imperfection, I don't think any egoistic capitalists would ever want to make me go through a divorced marriage as I am no longer suitable to go through all these process of being in the enjoyment of a rich man's life. And I clarify and reinstate my statement here at Dr Mahathir's website "I wish to give up and control temptations". If the richmen want me, I wouldn't want to end up in bed with anyone. That's why my brothers encouraged me to have my poems published recently and the book should be on the book shelves soon. How different are the Malays of Brunei different from the Malays in West Malaysia? Would the Sultan of Brunei feels at home say among PAS leaders? Or only among his royal peers? I really don't know. How would it be if I make a deal with the Sultan of Brunei to join us during the taking place of the unification? Many years ago I read that the oil reserves in Brunei is finishing soon. Also, even if he has regained more oil storage it won't be long that his descendants has to find other means of support to sustain their lavish lifestyles as the century is turning to other sources of green technology for the race of a sustainable environment. And I also read that the Russians also has huge oil reserves which is able to cover the market needed even in time to come. As this an informal message, I don't think it is necessary to prove my facts. Just believe if you may. I think what can apply to Malaysia is not Capitalist, Communist or Socialist. It should be a a balance here and there of the above (CACOSA) or rather I would call it just
    "Malaysianism" and she needs to be repaired after going through all the symptoms of the above. Yes, Dr Mahathir, all Malaysian have been heartbroken. If only Prostitution and Divorce won't thrive. What a wonderful world would it be! Dr Mahathir I am taking a flight to Jakarta on Saturday morning and not to be solicited or to solicit for sexual pleasures (wow, now I dare to be direct) but more to regain my spiritual hopes. Again, thanks with hopes always and forever ever, Kt Sam.