Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dr M slams Anwar's street politics

Since his foray into the world of politics, Anwar Ibrahim has frequently 'used' people to further his personal cause through street demonstrations, said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

by Chan Kong Art - 6 hours ago

Umno history has no demonstration.???.Tun go back to your history books. Tun memang mudah lupa. As one commenter rightly put cannot even get your kubang Pasu division to send you as a delegate to the UMNo assembly, it speaks loudly as to your relevance in UMNO. Just retire gracefully and don't embarass UMNO further.
by Antares - 20 hours ago

The day Anwar Ibrahim becomes Malaysia's 7th prime minister, Mahathir and Najib will have to flee the country or end their days behind bars. The list of serious crimes they have committed in office is almost endless. Anwar is the most feared man in Malaysia to those who have abused their power and perverted the rule of law into rule by law. Gani Patail and Musa Hassan, in particular, have the most to fear from a democratic Malaysia under Pakatan rule. Both were promoted to their present positions by Mahathir for willingly doing his dirty work for him in 1998 when Anwar became a threat to the political status quo. Eleven years later, the same ugly scenario is being repeated with Najib at the helm. All of Mahathir's devious schemes serve only himself, his family, and a small handful of business cronies. He doesn't give two hoots about Umno, the Malays, or Malaysia. give two hoots about, law
by Azmil Tayeb - 23 hours ago

Now that TDM is old and retired he should enjoy his retirement without interfering. Heis just adding salt to the wound and putting more fuel to the fire. During the consttutional crisis he was trying to start a demonstartion to remove the Sultans power. He was the one putting most opposition Leaders to ISA without legitimate reasons. I thought he lost his memory but that is not true today. When he was at the dock in the Ligam Tape hearing, his answers were I dont remember, I cannot recall etc. Liar he is. At this stage he has lost all his respect and credibility. The greatness of a person is unknown until he is dead. Teoh Beng Hock funeral was massive and multiracial too. Cory funeral was great with numbers. TDM yet to be seen.
by subramaniam muthusamy - Yesterday

Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is the favourite leader at the moment. I think the raakyat is eagerly hoping that DSAI will lead the next federal government. He deserves to become the leader as he has gone through enough trials and tribulations to be admired by the raakyat. Ghandi
by yusoff - Yesterday

Tun, please mind your own biz... you are retired old folk. I'm as a true Malaysian can tell you that the nation is developed by your administrative and the same time our nation into dark also bcoz of you. you are the one fully responsible for our countrie's disharmony and undemocratic. We all in this country living as a brotherhood and please you don't destroy again. you no need to do a single good for us but don't ever try to do nasty. Plz.... Tun. Now time for u to seek peace and not dosa..... I'm very very sorry if i hurted Tun, and thats not my intention eventhough i'm not write person who can advice Tun.
by Loyal Malaysian - Yesterday

The Najib administration is just following in the footsteps of this ex dictator. Why is the government so intolerant of the rakyat voicing their opposition to the ISA? Is it because the ISA is no longer defendable as necessary? The communist insurgency for which the policy was formulated ended decades ago!
by Kanesin a/l SVS Sappania Pillay - Yesterday

Peaceful demos have been part and parcel of any Democratic country. Mahathir is right in that we are not a democratic country and hence peaceful protests are anethma. To acheive owns goal in a autocratic rule people has mass protested, like Ayotullah Khomeni in Iran, Palestinians in west Bank, Indians under Mahatma Gandhi, Africans under Mandela, Americans under Martin Luther King. All this people should be comdemned along with Anwar Ibrahim for opening the eyes and ears of their people. S.Ganesan
by Kevyn Cheah Kok Chuan - Yesterday

Democratic demonstration is a right way to do by Anwar rather than having your opposition in jail just because you have the authority. If you are great, the nation will not be in the spotlight when hundreds were detained in ISA. .
by Lonestar - Yesterday

Aiyoyo. Can the Tun please swear that he has never participated in any street demo before! If he cannot, then why others cannot participate in this democratic process? What is good for the goose is equally good for the gander!
by Krishnamoorthy a/l Rajannaidu - Yesterday

dr.krishna,sungai petani. mahathir should be blamed for this type of street demonstration,because during his tenature as a pm of this country people of this country opt for demostration.because the govt doors closed for any type of discussion,opinion,negotation of public.The govt so adamant because they rule the country for long52 years.what ever they dictate people must follow.mind it mahathir most of the rakyat frustrated and loss belive in BN govt thats why they wants to opt for alternative way to tell the govt that you must change your mid set.if street demonstration must be zero in malaysia govt must listen to people voice.personally no body like demonstration so mahatir hve to advise the govt rather than comment on demonstration and somebody.we are not fools any more.

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  1. How soon we dis-respect those who has lost power... I never like TDM that much but he did contribute as did Anwar when he is DPM. So anything that TDM is guilty of, so is Anwar... so those who regards Anwar as a saviour should "SHUT UP" just as much as Anwar should. Anwar cannot say that only TDM is guilty of certain things and not him... unless he is never the DPM. Either that or he is so stupid that he do not know anything that is happening when he is DPM. Anwar, as the next PM... scary thought... everyone should be scare as Malaysia is in deep trouble as it is...