Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr Mahathir Provokes Singapore Malays

Singapore Malays have united and slammed Dr Mahathir in unison for his remarks made to a gathering of right-wing Malay groups that they are “marginalized”.

He claimed that “even though Malay Singaporeans enjoy the benefits of a more developed country, they have to ‘terbongkok-bongkok’ (kowtow) to others.”

A deluge of letters appeared in the Straits Times Forum today defending the PAP’s track record and system of “meritocracy” in Singapore.

Mustaffa Othman is quick to give credit to the PAP:

“While Dr Mahathir’s opinion on Malay Singaporeans enjoying the benefits of a developed country is spot-on, we have never kowtowed to others. Singaporeans of all races, including Malays, engage in healthy debate and discussions with our Government. The decisions made by the Government, after hearing feedback from its people, are respected as we trust it is in the best interests of all Singaporeans.”

Mr Jeffrey Law puts up a robust defence of the Singapore system:

“‘Most people will dismiss Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s remarks as merely political rhetoric. Singaporeans of all ethnic backgrounds have come a long way since 1965, having embraced the system of meritocracy in all aspects: education, employment and social standing. Most important, our ability to be a developed country within such a short time is due to the concerted effort and sacrifices of all Singaporeans – Chinese, Malays, Indians and others.”

Ahmad Abu Bakar felt that Singapore Malays achieved what they have today through their own merit:

“I strongly object to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s remarks. Like others, Malay Singaporeans work hard for the benefits in a meritocratic system. They are not born with a crutch of ethnic rights, quotas and ‘unfair’ opportunities. When Singapore Malays graduate from universities as doctors, engineers and scientists, they can hold their heads as high as the others, because they have done so by their own hard work and merit.”

Malays form some 15 percent of Singapore’s population and is the largest ethnic minority in Singapore. The Chinese forms the majority at 75 percent.

While the Malays have made great strides over the decades under PAP rule, some grievances remain such as the dearth of Malay officers in the Singapore Armed Forces.

In the last few years, the PAP has been mass-importing Chinese from mainland China to maintain the ethnic ratio. PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew said in an interview last year that it is a “good” thing that Singapore brings more Chinese as they are more “hard-driving” and “hard-striving” than the locals.


  1. Those Singaporean Malays who disagree with Tun Dr Mahathir's assesment of Singapore Malays really need to do their homework first before giving their comments in public.

  2. Those Singaporean Malays who disagree with Tun Dr Mahathir assesment of Singapore Malays should open their set of eyes wide enough to see around them and the rest of the Singapore Malays before coming out to response to Dr Mahathir's remark in public.
    What Dr Mahathir said has lots of truth if not all of it.
    Maybe those are post '65 born who only knows PAP for all their lives.

  3. to anonymous above me,please read this.

  4. I know SIngaporean Malays..they will not criticize directly but nor will they say good things about the PAP.

    Most Singaporean malays I met were studying in S;pore and they have no intention of going back after graduating.

    PAP consulting the Malays for their onw benefit? Give me a break!!But if teh Singaporeans are fine with their fate...fine with me....make sure they make alot of sampans...Orchard Road is sinking!!

  5. Interesting...Where did Mahathir received his UNIVERSITY education.. if not in SINGAPORE?? And he is a MALAY MALAYSIAN?? hhhmmmmm

  6. The poor malays giving lecture to rich malays

  7. For sure the advance singapore malays saw opportunity in the land of Tongkat Ali, They want to move there to be on the top Ali not Tongkat Ali