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Tun Dr Mahathir - the musical show

Tun Dr Mahathir is now a musical
July 08, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 — Tun Mahathir The Musical, which depicts the life journey of Malaysia’s fourth prime minister, will surely evoke sweet memories to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah as the play includes efforts from their children.

The play’s storyline is determined by Datuk Mukhriz, who is Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister, while Mazhar, a student at the National Arts Culture and Heritage Academy (Aswara), will feature in a supporting role.

Istana Budaya director-general Mohamed Juhari Shaarani said the performance was proposed three years ago by Information Communication and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, to honour the statesman.

“When we asked Tun Dr Mahathir for his consent (to stage the play), he approved on condition that the musical’s storyline was based on facts,” he said during a news conference, here today.

The event was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife, Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman, who is patron of the musical.

To be staged from Sept 24 to Oct 4, the play will star popular local artistes such as Esma Daniel, who will be acting as the adult Dr Mahathir, Erra Fazira (Dr Siti Hasmah), Zizan Nin (Dr Mahathir in his teens) and Idola Kecil 2008 finalist Mohd Shafeiq Shazwan (Dr Mahathir as a child).

The musical theatre, to be jointly carried out by Istana Budaya, CRTA Production, the Information Communication and Culture Ministry and the Malaysian Women Writers Association (PPWM), will be directed by the dean of Aswara’s Theatre Faculty, Rosminah Mohd Tahir, while its script is written by Ismail Kassan.

Meanwhile, CRTA Production producer Siti Rohaya Attan said the musical will depict Tun Dr Mahathir’s life as a child to his days as a doctor serving the people, and the ups and downs he experienced as a politician.

“The dilemmas and achievements throughout his 22 years as Prime Minister will be portrayed through dialogue, songs and dance suited to facts approved by Tun Dr Mahathir himself,” she said.

Siti Rohaya, whose name is not new to the world of theatre, has produced and directed several musicals such as Assyura (1997), Taman Baginda (1998), Kereta Kencana (1998), Lantai T. Pinkie Musical (2000), T.Pinkie Musical (2006), Ibu Zain, The Musical (2008) and Gamat the Musical (2009).

Tickets priced between RM30 and RM150 can be obtained from Istana Budaya or

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